Distributors! A positive customer experience just got easier to deliver.


Not Your Ordinary Service!

We've designed LeadSource Live™ to convert distributors' website visitors and inbound phone calls into leads that can be tracked, nurtured, and converted!

LeadSource Live is all about lead generation! Consider it your 24/7 Virtual Sales Assistant!

Your LeadSource Live Sales Assistants automatically respond to and engage with visitors to your website and your social media accounts so that people who wouldn't otherwise interact with you, or who cannot find what they're looking for, do not slip away.

Service includes customized "scripts" written specifically for distribution companies by the team at The Digital Distributor™!

If you'd like, we'll manage the process for you, ensuring your website visitors get concierge-level service, delivered according to YOUR specifications 24/7/365!

A Superior Qualifying, Call Answering, and Intake Service!

Compared to traditional Sales Assistants who answer calls during set open office hours, our live, North America-based Virtual Sales Assistants are working for you behind the scenes 24/7 (including weekends!) so you never miss an important call or customer sale.

Missed calls mean missed business opportunities. With LeadSource Live™, you'll never miss an important call or customer sale again.

Pricing starts at just $140/mo.

Website Visitors Become Customers With Live Chat Services!

Did you know that statistics show that more than 90% of your website visitors LEAVE before taking any action? That's A LOT of leads to let slip through your fingers.

With LeadSource Live™, a member of our North America-based services team engages those visitors and will capture and even qualify those leads before passing them along to your salesperson or adding them to your CRM.

Keeping your sales funnel full is tough, competitive, and expensive. And, responsive businesses win more customers, it's been proven again and again.

Sure, your business is responsive during business hours, but what happens after hours? Do you get many visitors to your website? Chances are, you get more visits during evening hours than during the day!

Your website traffic is valuable, and it can be hard to capture the attention of that valuable traffic. Without assistance, your customers may become frustrated, leave your site,  and not return.  

We won't let that happen!

Why Do Distributors Need a Virtual Sales Assistant Service?

LeadSource Live™ strives to deliver more quality leads through online conversion. Here are just some of the benefits of subscribing to LeadSource Live:

  •  Less Time Invested into Solutions
    You'll avoid having to invest time and resources to discover or develop your own solution. LeadSource Live will work in conjunction with the rest of your sales and marketing efforts and collateral. It can even deliver leads and updates directly into your CRM. 

  •  High-End Service at an Affordable Cost
    LeadSource Live is a turnkey live chat service set up without the high costs associated with it. Our North America-based Operators are trained to follow scripts that are written and overseen by The Digital Distributor team. Scripts are customized to any of your unique offers and are designed to share and collect information from visitors, moving them further through your sales funnels.

  •  Gain a Competitive Edge Over Your Competitors
    LeadSource Live boosts engagement and interactivity on your website. Live chat has been statistically shown to increase the number of qualified leads you collect by 40% or more.

  •  A Sales Team's Best Friend 
    It helps your salespeople engage with buyers by getting them started on their customer journey.

Unlike other automated or virtual services, our Virtual Sales Assistants are real people located. in North America who seamlessly integrate into your business -- they're simply an extension of your existing team. With our Virtual Sales Assistant service, you're able to:

  •  Streamline appointment scheduling, high call volume and lead intake, freeing up your sales team's time to do what they do best

  •  Increase efficiencies through orchestrated call routing, screening, and more

  •  Save money on hiring and training costs

Speaking of Statistics, Did You Know ... ?

42% of buyers would prefer to provide contact information via on-site chat - the highest of any lead gen channel.

Buyers who engage with live chat are 2.8x more likely to convert than other visitors.

53% of consumers are more likely to purchase from a business they can message directly.

This is Not About Marketing!

It's All About Sales and Creating
a Valuable Customer Experience!

LeadSource Live is Up and Running 24/7/365.
It's Professionally Staffed by Real, Live North America-based Virtual Sales Assistants on Duty 24/7
Via Phone Call, Live Chat, and Text Message!

Here's a glimpse of just some of the features. (See bottom of page for a detailed list.)
  • Quick response time
  • Lead capture and qualification
  • Customer intake form completion
  • CRM integration 
  • Appointment setting
  • Call-back scheduling
  • Calendar integration 
  • Outbound Calls
  • Web-form follow-up 
  • Appointment reminders 
  • Spam and sales call blocking
  • Call routing
  • Call screening
  • Call prioritization 
  • VIP pass-through service 
  • High call and lead intake 
  • Easy integration with all leading software
  • Quick and easy setup
  • Try risk-free for 14 days

Benefits include:

  • Collaborates actively with your in-house team if necessary 
  • Frees up your in-house staff to work on other tasks that cannot be outsourced
  • Enhances your buyer's journey and sales cycle
  • Retains customers by providing easy access to customer service and sales team
  • Increases buyers' trust in you as a partner 
  • Predictable and affordable pricing (per-call and per-chat pricing, not per-minute) 
  • No charge for spam calls, wrong numbers, or undesirable sales calls 
  • Billed month-to-month, no annual contracts
  • Converts callers into customers and keeps existing customers happy
  • You can forward all incoming calls to this service or overflow calls or a combination of both

LeadSource Live Captures Your Traffic via Live Chat, Phone call, or Text Message!

Here's How You'll Determine if a Lead is a Sales Lead:

Sales Lead (billable)

  • Visited your website or other platform and engaged a chat agent
  • Interested in a service you provide
  • Geographically in an area you service
  • You've received their name and contact information, or
  • You've been directly connected via phone or text or app 

Other (non-billable)

  • Looking for a service you do not offer
  • Georgraphically located outside your service area
  • Trying to sell you something (sales enquiry)
  • Employment enquiry
  • Anything else NOT in the Sales Lead column 

Service (non-billable)

Customers who are:

  • Looking to add a new service you provide
  • Interested in learning about a new product you provide
  • Asking to connect with you
  • Calling to schedule an appointment
  • If they are a customer, you are not billed for the lead

Explore all of the features and services provided by LeadSource live's virtual sales assistants and live chat services.

Choose the ones that will best maximize your rOI.

Virtual Sales Assistant Services

24/7 Live Virtual Sales Assistants (VSAs)
Friendly, professional, live VSAs answer all your calls with a smile and keep your customers happy.

Familiar With Your Business
VSAs answer customer questions about hours, payment methods, services provided, products and more.

Transfer Destinations
VSAs can transfer a caller to you, even pre-qualify which types of callers get through.

Email Summary of Calls
You'll get a summarized message of each call, sent immediately via email.

Call Notifications via Text Message
VSAs can instantly text you contact's name, phone number, and email (if collected) after EVERY call.

Lead Data Gathering
Your VSAs will capture and qualify your leads based on your criteria, such as a product, project, or service needs.

Daily Call Summary via Email
Every evening, you'll receive an email summarizing each call received on that day.

Call Disposition
VSAs mark all calls with type and urgency. This metadata is passed to you in the call summaries.

Customized Greetings
VSAs will greet customers using a personalized greeting specified by you.

Friendly Demeanor
Our VSAs are intelligent and have years of experience answering calls and speaking in clear, American English.

Multiple Live Transfer Numbers
When making live call transfers to transfer destinations, you can have multiple phone numbers for multiple people.

Email/SMS Sorted to Departments
Calls can be marked and routed to the appropriate department (e.g., sales@, support@, owner@, etc.)

Callback on Lost Customer Calls
Your VSAs will promptly return any calls lost due to cell connection issues or incomplete voicemails.

Answering Texts to Your Number
When prospective clients text your designated phone number, VSAs can text back. They can answer questions, screen new leads, book appointments, and more.

Appointment Reminders
VSAs will call customers with upcoming appointments to reduce no-shows and cancellations.

E-Commerce Order Integrations
VSAs can gather eCommerce details such as order number, item info, and address.  

CRM Integration 
Your VSAs can integrate with CRM software to sync caller information, notes, and more.

Customer Service and Support Desk
Your VSAs can assist your support team by collecting order numbers or tickets.

Optional Services (priced per call)

Third-party Intake*
VSAs will input caller information and ask a few questions on a third-party form.
Microsoft Teams Notifications*
Receive a SMS/Slack message when a caller qualifies for a transfer. You and your staff can accept or reject the call.

Dedicated Spanish Line*
Have your calls routed to a bilingual VSA that is fluent in both Spanish and English.

Appointment Scheduling*
Your VSAs will gladly book appointments for you and your clients, on your own calendar. They can also prequalify leads before scheduling consultations.

Slack Integration*
Accept or reject call transfer requests in Slack, and receive call summaries in a dedicated Slack channel.

New Customer Intake*
VSAs will complete new customer intake forms for your qualified leads so new customer information can be logged into your CRM.

Email & SMS Follow-up*
After a phone call, your customers expect you to follow-up quickly. Customize over a dozen email and/or text messages and your VSAs will send the approved follow-up message immediately following any call or text.

Dispatch Calls to Multiple Locations*
Using ZIP code lookup via Storepoint.co, your VSAs can transfer calls to different numbers in your business.

Call Recording and Transcription*
Have your calls automatically recorded and transcribed. Includes access to call recordings and searchable transcripts, and automatic PII masking.

Outbound Calls*
VSAs can make outbound calls on a one-time or recurring basis. They can call leads who complete your web forms, provide work status updates, and more.  
Complex Call Routing* 
Set unique rules for each number, time of day, and extension. Route calls based on schedules, availability, and holiday hours. Ring your team sequentially or "blast" everyone.

Phone Services

Dedicated Phone Number
If you'd like, you will be given a local or toll-free number dedicated to you OR routed to different people on your team.

Voicemail to MMS and/or Email
Audio files of a voicemail recording can be sent directly to you via text message or via Email right after the call.

High-quality Sound
State-of-the-Art VoIP software ensures high-quality voice and sound for all your calls.

Unlimited Voicemails
There is no limit or extra charges on any calls sent to your voicemail.

VIP List
Enable specified customers to ring you directly, bypassing your VSA. Just let them know these phone numbers.

No Extra Apps to Install
Communicate with your VSAs via text or email, whichever you choose. There's no need to fuss with yet another app or login to remember.

Customized Voicemail
You can choose to have a professional voiceover actor record your voicemail greeting.

Live Chat Services

Live Chat Agents
Friendly, professional, live chat agent are available 24/7 to answer questions and qualify leads. These chat agents have years of experience in customer service or hospitality.

Customized Greetings
Your live chat agents will greet customers using a personalized greeting specified by you.

Familiar with Your Business
Your chat agents will be provided with all the information necessary to be familiar with your business.  They will answer questions about hours, payment methods, products, services provided, and more.

eCommerce Order Integration
If you'd like, chat agents can gather eCommerce details such as order number, item info, and address.

Mobile Notifications
Get notified on your phone via text message every time a new chat occurs. You'll know instantly when new leads come in.

Appointment Scheduling*
Your chat agents will gladly book appointments for you and your clients on your own calendar. They can even pre-qualify.

Proactive Chat
The level of "assertiveness" of your chat widget is up to you. Your chat widget can prompt a web visitor to engage in a conversation immediately, or after 15, 30, or 60 seconds.

Mobile Optimized
Your live chat service will work on every device and browser -- computer, tablet, or phone.

AI Technology
From language translation to qualification playbooks, this proprietary technology enables your live chat agents to assist your website visitors with exceptional care and unparalleled efficiency.

Real-time Translation
Neural Network AI is used to instantly translate chats from Spanish-speaking web visitors if they connect with non-Spanish-speaking chat agent. The agent's responses in English are then translated into Spanish, bringing fluency to chat conversations.

CRM Integration
All web visitors who use your live chat service will be required to enter their email before starting the chat. As such, transcripts of the chats can be added directly into your CRM, syncing with notes and more.

Customer Service and Support Desk
Your live chat agents can assist your support team by collecting order numbers or tickets.

Custom-built Knowledge Base & Q&A
We'll build a knowledge base that makes accessing answers to common questions easy for your chat agents and/or VSAs.

SMS Text Answering
In addition to live web chat, your agents can answer text messages sent to your business, following your custom instructions to capture, screen, and schedule new leads.

Emailed Chat Transcripts
Within minutes of a chat ending, in addition to a mobile notification of the chat having taken place, you'll receive a full transcript of the entire conversation via email. Your web visitor will receive the transcript as well.

Customer Intake
Chat agents will complete 2-3 question customer intake forms for your qualified leads and submit new customer information directly into your CRM if you'd like.

Extended Customer Intake*
Chat agents will complete customer intake forms consisting of 4 or more questions for your qualified leads and submit new customer information directly into your CRM if you'd like.

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