Frequently Asked Questions

Your digital sales transformation will have you implementing new systems, processes, trainings, analytics, and more, each hopefully focused giving your sales team the support they need to do their jobs.

For example, you may need to change your overall sales process, you may need to retrain your sales managers and salespeople, you may need to hire more salespeople, the list goes on.  These types of activities are part of your sales transformation process, and it's up to you and your company to ensure all of those steps are carried out well. We do not get involved in those steps.

That being said, however, you MUST have the six steps from The Digital Distributor Program in place and working well IF you want your sales transformation to succeed to the point where you're utilizing your CRM to its full capacity, capturing, nurturing, tracking and qualifying digital leads BEFORE sending them to a salesperson to close.

So, in that sense, the answer would be yes. If you want your sales transformation to succeed, you MUST have all six items from The Digital Distributor Program in place and working properly.

Last year, Mike Kunkle, VP of Sales Effectiveness Services at SPARXiQ, wrote a comprehensive book entitled The Building Blocks of Sales Enablement. It's truly a must-read, and I highly recommend that anyone going through a digital transformation pick up a copy. You won't be disappointed.

In his book, Mike explains the building blocks of an effective sales enablement program. Mike's framework includes a dozen central blocks powered by systems thinking and great communication, both within sales and cross-functionally, and includes sales support services, as well.

It’s a framework he’s seen work across a variety of industries, products, and company sizes, and can be flexed and adjusted to fit almost any situation.

Borrowing from Mike's model, the blocks The Digital Distributor Program does not cover are:
- Sales Hiring
- Sales Training
- Sales Coaching
- Sales Process
- Sales Methodology
- Sales Compensation and Recognition
- Sales Manager Enablement

 The blocks that we do cover (extensively!) are:
- Buyer Acumen
- Buyer Engagement Content
- Sales Support Content
- Sales Technology and Tools

And we also cover several other related topics as well.

Your investment in the program will depend on the format you choose and the length of time you'd like to engage with us. Contact us directly about what you're interested in and we'll be able to give you an estimate right away. You can call or text (203) 364-4577. Please leave a message and someone will promptly return your call.

Every distributor going through a digital transformation is at a different stage in their journey. Some may need help with all six steps, some may need help with just a few. Some may have a marketing team in place to do the majority of the work involved, many will not.

We're happy to talk to you about a customized version of the program that is cost effective as well.

If you feel you have a need other than what's covered in this program (either greater or smaller), please don't hesitate to get in touch with Susan directly to discuss your situation, or send a text to (203) 364-4577 and someone will respond promptly. 

Similar to our answer above, every distribution company is in a unique situation. Some may choose to simply read Susan's book (published and available at and work on their own. Some may have a whole team that needs to be trained.

If you choose The Virtual + Live Program, your company will have unlimited access to the portal containing all of the trainings, and 1 year of live calls with us. Each of the 6 Modules is made up of bite-sized digestible videos that allow you to move slowly if you choose -- investing 10 minutes a day. You can easily blow through a module in one sitting as well.

If you choose The 3-Day Bootcamp, we would meet for 3 days and your company would then have lifetime access to the portal. With this you would also have the ability to download all of the tools and worksheets, refresh on trainings, train new employees, etc.

If you elect Done-for-You Services, distributors can take anywhere from 9 to 18 months, depending on YOUR schedule. If there are no hold-ups whatsoever (i.e., cancelled meetings, nonresponsiveness, redirection of attention or resources on your part), we would have everything done in roughly 6 months.

We've structured The Digital Distributor Program in several formats so you can move at a pace that is comfortable for you.

But, we won't let you move too slowly! Your success is our success. What's most important is that you maintain an even-paced, forward-moving momentum, and we'll see to it that you do! 

As of this writing (4Q22), yes! Your team will meet with, have direct access to, and be coached through the program by Susan. Should the program fill up to heavily, this may change for distributors who start mid-to-late 2023.

But presently, if you choose the Virtual + Live Program, it will be Susan who you will meet with every week. The 3-Day Workshop is also delivered by Susan, and she would be your direct contact if you were to elect Done-for-You Services.

The short answer is: as long as they need to be.

In other words, while the live calls are intended to be 45-60 minutes long, if it's necessary to go over a few minutes now and then, we will certainly do so as long as there isn't a conflict with another client's existing appointment.

No marketing team? No problem! Our team of specialists are standing by and ready to help. And if you need help putting a good marketing team in place, we can help with that as well.

Companies that do not have a marketing team and do not plan to hire a marketing team in the near future should consider our Done-for-You Services Program. You can get the ball rolling with The Digital Distributor Program while we help you hire and train a marketing team at a pace that's comfortable for everyone.

The Virtual + Live Program is a good selection for this situation as well as long as you plan to hire a marketing team or professional early on in the process.

The program is available to distributors and non-competing professionals in the distribution space.

The Virtual + Live Program will be ready no later than January 1, 2023.

The Done-for-You Services Program is available right now (but space is dwindling).

The 3-Day Bootcamp Program can be scheduled right now to be delivered in 2023 as well.

Yes, everything we do is guaranteed.

The Digital Distributor Virtual and Live Program offers a 30-calendar-day money back guarantee. If within 30 calendar days of first receiving access to the program you feel The Digital Distributor Program is not for you, we will give you 100% of your money back (less credit card fees). The Done-for-You Services and 3-Day Bootcamp Program are also guaranteed and offer a conditional money-back guarantee.

We're happy to invoice your company and accept a check or an ACH transfer.

We also accept all major credit cards. If you choose to use a credit card, there will be a 3% convenience fee added. There is no additional fee for the first, initial payment however.

This program is VERY different from any other program online, and here's why:

First, it is only for distribution professionals. We know exactly what a distributor's goals, struggles, and pain points are that need to be addressed, especially pertaining to implementing their digital transformation or sales enablement program successfully, and we've tailored the program to fit distributors' unique situations.

In essence, because distributors have relied so heavily on face-to-face sales for so long a time, very few took the time to build a digital infrastructure.  Distributors are so far behind the curve, that any other online training program or information product would expect you to have all six steps from The Digital Distributor Program in place before starting.

In other words, without these six rudimentary steps in place, any other digital marketing you'd like to implement will fail.

Second, this is an extremely flexible, hybrid course that conforms to its audience in several ways. It's built to meet most everyone's needs in distribution no matter their learning style.

The Digital Distributor allows each employee to work on their own at the company's prescribed pace while also providing live access to the program creator (Susan Merlo) for a full year. This program is action-oriented, intentional, and flexible. It's a very powerful, step-by-step roadmap that leaves nothing out.

The weekly access to the live calls will not only serve as a beacon, but also will help reinforce what it is you are trying to accomplish as a distributor implementing a digital transformation or sales enablement program.

No. Your live calls are for your team only.  Each company that enrolls will have it's own time to meet and have one-on-one time with us.

If you'd like to interact with other distribution companies, however, we do have a common area where everyone in the program can communicate, ask questions, and get questions answered.

Whether you have a team of 5 or 55, The Digital Distributor Program is designed and priced so that all stakeholders in your company will have unlimited access to the program.  

This particular 3-Day Bootcamp is incredibly intense and would require your sales team and your marketing team to be tied up in a classroom for 2.5 days. If the 3-Day Bootcamp is something you're interested in, please call us to discuss.  We may be able to put a customized program together for you that better accommodates your schedule.

Your eCommerce site serves customers who need products. The Digital Distributor Program is designed to connect more intimately to those customers, find more of the customers you want to serve, while also communicating the value of doing business with your company.

In other words, The Digital Distributor Program will teach you how to use digital sales and marketing strategies to develop a greater wallet share from your existing customers, find and land new customers, increase customer retention, and so much more.

Your CRM will function as a vital piece of this program and process, so if you're not reaping the full benefit of your CRM, or if you're not seeing a return on that investment, you will once we connect it to marketing automation and a process that saves time and increases sales for your sales reps among other benefits, of course.

The Digital Distributor Program will teach you what you're missing and how to get the maximum value from both your CRM and your eCommerce site as well! 

Glad you asked. You'll not be required to purchase any software whatsoever.

Step 4 in The Digital Distributor Program ensures you're up-to-date and knowledgeable about the tools you need and don't need for a successful sales transformation before you ever need to purchase software.

Our goal is to get you the best return on your investment of time, tech, headcount, and dollars spent. We won't let you purchase anything you don't need. We'll also provide you with guidance and research to help ensure you're making educated decisions appropriate for your company's budget and work-style.

Great question. You can expect a system that generates more valuable leads and nurtures those leads so that they are sales-ready before being passed on to your salespeople.

You can also expect an ability to measure what takes place from when a lead is first captured to when it is closed. Depending on which automation tools you are using, you'll be able to connect a dollar amount to every step a lead takes throughout his journey, giving you a much clearer understanding of your customer-acquisition cost.  

You'll know which campaigns and strategies work with your audience, and which do not and why; you can do more of what works and less of what doesn't.

You'll also be able to track every dollar you spend and earn as a result of your digital sales and marketing strategies.

The Virtual + Live Program takes place 100% online. It consists of pre-recorded, downloadable training modules that are roughly 3-4 minutes each, tools, worksheets, agendas, and so much more!

Also included in th the Virtual + Live Program are ongoing live consulting calls via Zoom to review your progress and keep you on track. These live calls will be scheduled to accommodate your schedule (e.g., weekly, bi-weekly, monthly) and recorded so you can refer back to them as you move along, and you can share them with others on your team.

The 3-day Live Bootcamp takes place at a venue YOU would arrange. It could be your office or a local meeting space. After the bootcamp is done, you can move into the Virtual Program. If you need help staying on track, we could add the live FAQ / Consulting calls as well for an additional fee.

Done-for-You-Services are, for the most part, 100% virtual via telephone, text, email, Zoom, and any other communication that works best for you. We find that Zoom works very well to capture and save communications. And, in between our Zoom calls, we're always available. We also occasionally meet with our customers face-to-face if need be.

There aren't many teams who do well with change, so this is perfectly normal.

You CAN make this work, and Step 1 will help show you how.

You'll learn to anticipate and understand the barriers you will encounter and how to overcome them. You'll be given tools and guidance that will help ensure a smooth process. You'll also develop team members who share your vision, are on board, and see the value a successful sales transformation brings about. 

Whether you've already embarked on a digital sales transformation or have read about other distributors who are on their journey, you know there are certain requirements to ensure your success. The Digital Distributor Program ensures you will gain:

Clear communication and buy-in throughout your organization

An ability to convey your value to every customer segment

A clear grasp of the marketing automation technology you're considering and whether it's appropriate for your company

A powerful lead management system that multiplies salespeoples' time and adds to your bottom line

Preparedness and a plan for going forward

The Digital Distributor Program provides the ROADMAP, the TOOLS, and the INSTRUCTIONS on HOW to accomplish all of the above and more! And best of all... We are side-by-side with you throughout the entire process!

You'll also gain the confidence in and a solid understanding of how your company will grow from here -- driving more revenue, attracting new customers, and gaining a greater share of customer spend

You can get all of your questions answered by emailing, or setting up a quick chat on Susan's calendar here. In a hurry? Text us at 203-364-4577 and someone will get back to you quickly.

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