The Distribution Industry is Undergoing a Massive Shift Toward Becoming More Digital

Let's Make Sure You're Ready!

We put Distributors on the Path to Digital Sales & Marketing Success by:


Your Current Status

Where are you compared to others?

We'll identify where your company stands regarding your web presence and your digital sales and marketing capabilities. Click here to learn more.


Where You'd Like to Go

What's missing? How can you be better?

We'll identify any gaps you may have and create a plan of action tailored specifically to your distribution company's needs.
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Your Plan to Get There

Take it one step at a time and do it right.

We will provide you with everything you need to put digital sales and marketing strategies in place, giving you a strong web presence and maximum success.
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You Deserve a Clear Digital Sales and Marketing Plan AND a Guide to Help You Bring it to Life!

Hi, I'm Susan Merlo, founder of The Digital Distributor™. 

I walk side-by-side with wholesale distributors, ensuring their digital sales and marketing transformation has an implementation plan that works.

Whether you have yet to begin, are in the midst of, or have already completed your distribution company's digital sales transformation, I'll see to it that your company:

  • Generates More Quality Leads!
  • Increases Customer Retention!
  • Gains a Greater Share of Customer Wallet!
  • Pulls Ahead and Stays Ahead of Competitors!
  • Maintains the Strongest Web Presence Possible! 

All by using our very effective Digital Sales & Marketing Strategies created specifically for Distributors like you!

Distributors everywhere are putting a digital sales transformation in place. But, no two distributors are alike, and you're each at a different stage in the process.

Find out if Your Company is Where it Should be with Your Digital Sales and Marketing.

We Guarantee our Results, Ensuring Your Journey With Us is a Complete Success!



Chat with Susan

Schedule a complimentary call and walk away with an understanding of the steps that make the most sense for your distribution company.


Get a Customized Plan

Get a digital sales and marketing plan that accounts for any current deficiencies and reinforces your strengths. We'll even train your marketing team!


Dominate Digital

With a high-functioning sales and marketing system and a work-while-you-sleep online presence, you'll enjoy a much fuller pipeline.

Why Should You Work With The Digital Distributor?

You Know That ...

To achieve a successful sales transformation, there's important work to be done.

But . . . 

Did you know that there are certain steps you simply cannot skip if you want to do this right?

And . . . 

Did you know that if you wait too long, skip a critical step, or take the wrong action, things WILL go wrong?

For Example, You May  . . . 

  •   Miss out on keeping up with future advancements within the industry, falling behind, possibly being forced to eventually close your doors.
  •   Spend a lot of money on high-priced technology that you probably won't need or that doesn't generate the ROI it was meant to.
  •   Lose your employees if they feel their job security is on the line.
  •   Leave your next generation of leaders struggling to catch up with your competition.

When You Work with Us ...

  •   You'll clearly communicate your value as a partner to your buyers, always, by making it impossible for them to NOT choose you to work with.  
  •   You'll be ready for whatever the future brings with regard to digital sales strategies and technology. You will be at or even ahead of the curve, moving with more agility and confidence than ever before.
  •   You'll get maximum value from the technology you've already brought in, and you'll make better- informed purchases of technology in the future. 
  •   You'll experience less staff turnover and build even greater trust with your employees as they see you investing wisely in the future of your company.
  •   Your next generation of leaders will be fully prepared to man the helm, and they will look forward to doing so in a company that is ready for the future.
  •   Your legacy lives on and becomes stronger and even more established for future generations.
  •   Yes, Amazon will continue to have its strengths, but so will you! In fact, you'll be stronger than ever, offering many benefits to your customers that Amazon cannot. The difference is ... Your customers will know you better and trust you more because of the strategies you'll learn in this program!

Call Susan for a free consultation and find out if  your company is leaving money on the table!